I am a violinist, a conductor, and I cherish silence.
I take pleasure in contemplation, meditation and movement.

When practicing, I seek to explore all the possibilities my instrument has to offer.
Until recently, I was a violinist in a quartet.
For 12 years, that was my life.
While music, travelling, and personal exchanges and encounters had enriched my life thus far, I longed to discover other realms.

Soon, new paths and impulses emerged.
And all of a sudden, I found myself conducting an orchestra.
I loved the idea: to stimulate, to share.
I enjoyed discovering a different repertoire.
Shaping sounds, channelling the musicians’ energy fascinates me. Today, I choose to dedicate my time to conducting and to chamber music.

I love the world and I love solitude;
coffee and the studying of scores.

Pouring over compositions with white noise in my ears, a pencil in hand, and a steaming cup just within reach – what a privilege to be combining these two pleasures.
While I stroll through the world of music, I also pay close attention to my surroundings, for I am highly receptive to beauty.
Visual arts, tattoos, architecture and design add subtle dimension to my life, and subtle layers of resonance.

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