Welcome to my page!

I am Manu, an orchestra conductor, and ex-chamber musician. Actually, the idea of being a conductor never crossed my mind until well in my thirties. But a personal event in my late twenties changed a lot in my life and made me discover mindfulness meditation, which helped me clarify my vision as a musician, and pushed me towards conducting.

Conducting is in my opinion all about creating the right conditions for everyone to focus on what matters. I love diving deep into the multiple layers of a score, where you get a sense of the human being behind a masterpiece.I am fascinated by the connections between mindfulness and music-making, communication and respect, and I believe in deep listening between musicians.

But I am rambling…
When I am not conducting/rehearsing, you will find me studying scores in a coffee shop or teaching a mindfulness class. Or maybe we will cross paths in a tattoo studio (I am a bit addicted). I live in Zurich with my wonderful wife Lea and our two sweet cats Metta and Sati.

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